My family and I are spending Christmas Day in Clearwater. We are looking
for a place to have brunch. There will be 5 people.  Can you give me the
names of a few restaurants with their average prices for entrees.

Thanks for Visiting Ask a Resident. Go to www.beachchamber.com and check out
the restaurants there. They don't keep menus or price lists here. Shepards on
Clearwater Beach is always a favorite, reservations a must. On the "high' end the
Belleview Biltmore is really elegant
Bon Appetite!

I am considering moving to clearwater, and I know nothing about the
clearwater area. I have an 8yr old daughter, is it a good place to
raise children

Like all cities, there's good and not so good. The weather,(sub-tropical)  the
lifestyle,(laid back, casual, beachy) the quality of life are all good. We have
something called 'School Choice' here, but hopefully it's on the way out. There are
some great 'Magnet' type schools available too. You might want to check out  
www.sptimes.com for recent articles on this.

Can you tell me when Spring Break is, we are planning on coming to
Clearwater in March.  We do not want to be there during spring break
because we are bringing our grandchildren.

Spring Break occurs when the colleges/universities shut down for the week.  Every
institution has different closing times.  Usually, primary and secondary educational
facilities are closed either the week before or the week after Easter.  Though
Clearwater Beach does receive spring breakers, we however cater to families.  
Most lodgings do not rent to anyone under 25 unless they are with a guardian.  The
week of March 6 would be an ideal time to come to Clearwater Beach.  For a
listing of lodgings, things to do, and upcoming events, you can visit the Clearwater
Beach Chamber of Commerce at www.beachchamber.com.

What are some good restaurants in Clearwater we can eat at for lunch?

For good restaurants you can try Frenchy's (any of them), Britts, Cabana Grill,
Clearwater Beach Hotel, Heilman's Beachcomber, and Dolce Vita Cafe

We are planning a birthday party for mothers 70th  30-40 family members
from various states looking for a nice restaurant for (steak? ) that may have
entertainment of some sort on a sat night? any suggestions / in the palm
harbor clearwater area?

Suggestions in the Cleawater Beach area:  Heilman's Beachcomber, the Starlite
Cruises,  Jimmy Iguana's Fish House located in the Clearwater Beach Gulfview
Resort.  In Palm Harbor you might want to try Palermo's Resturant with a Vegas
style entertainer.  

I like to fish, are there any marinas in the area that  group charter  for deep
sea fishing, and are fishing  licenses required. also like fresh water fishing,,,
any recomendations.. thanks for your help..

Clearwater Beach Marina has the largest fishing fleet on the west coast of Florida.  
There are many fishing charters boats in the marina.  We suggest Reel Deal Sport
Fishing at 727/430-1798, Fanta Sea Sport Fishing 727/446-2899 and Queen Fleet

Please advise what the weather is like the end of June.  Also
recommendations for accommodations directly on the beach but not high
rise touristy spots.  Nice pool and tiki bar, casual restaurant on site to order
out to the pool, etc.   Was in Ft. Myers same time last year and although
wonderful it was very HOT.  Thanks.

Weather at the end of June in Clearwater ranges from the low 70s to the high 80s,
somewhat a little cooler than Ft. Myers.  For accommodations, we suggest you visit
www.beachchamber.com.  Under "Travel Planning" you will find a list of lodgings
with direct web links to their web pages.

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