I am coming to Clearwater with my two friends and would like to know if you
know of any good bars and clubs we can go to?

For bars/clubs, it depends upon what you like.
Clearwater Beach and our area has a laid-back beach
scene - live music, very casual dress overlooking the
beaches and the Gulf. Lot of people but a very relaxed
scene. You might want to try Frenchy's Rockaway
Grill, Tropix Island Tiki Bar or Palm Pavillion.  A
lot of the under 30 year olds from this area go to
Ybor City on the east side of Tampa for a more
faster-paced atmosphere.  If you can, check out a
Thursday edition of the St. Petersburg Times paper.
It includes a "Weekend" edition listing all the
events, clubs and entertainment for the Clearwater/St.
Pete/Tampa area.  Also, the Weekly Planet - Tampa
www.weeklyplanet.com/current (an alternative free
newspaper for this area) has lots of info to help you

We are looking for a place to have dinner for about 50.  Maybe looking to spend
$15-$20 a piece.  The type of place we are interested is a non-chain, local type of
place where we can have "Local" fare.  Seafood?  College baseball team and
families coaches etc.  Thanks.

Your request is an easy one! Contact either Frenchy's or Cooters on Clearwater Beach.
Casual, good food and specializing in fresh seafood.
For Greek and Italian, Post corner Pizza ( not just pizza) and Gondolier are both regulars
for me.

Where is the best shrimp deal in the Clearwater area?

It all depends on what you mean by 'deal". Frenchy's & Cooters Restaurants on
Clearwater Beach are known for their steamed peel and eat shrimp. Hot or cold.
Shells will be opening soon and have a wide variety of seafood and shrimp dishes.
Most of the restaurants in the area feature shrimp, and in particular fresh Florida pink
I hope this is of  some help.

We have just moved to Sand Key, Belleaire Beach and would like to know of any
good eat in (but not buffet-type) Chinese restaurants located in this area.  The
two that we liked have closed - one was in the Publix shopping center on
Clearwater Largo Road, and the other was at the Shoppes at Sand Key. Thanks

One of our favorites is Ivory Coast on 580. Did you know Sand Key is actually
Clearwater, not Bellaire? There are some great Thai restaurants in the area as well. Thai
Coconut on Missouri and Chang Mai, downtown Clearwater.
For some other great places to dine we suggest you visit www.beachchamber.com and
check out the listings there.
Bon Appetit

I am celebrating a special anniversary and would like to know where to go for a
romantic dinner.  Maybe a candlelight setting ?  

Two favorites come to mind, The Clearwater Beach Hotel has a great dining room. You
can watch the sunset as you enjoy a fabulous meal! Tuxedo clad waiters, and very classy
and romantic. The adjacent lounge  has entertainment. As  this hotel is due to be torn
down in May, it may be your only opportunity to savor it.
Heilmans on Clearwater Beach, has candlelite, and  great piano music while you dine. The
food is superb and they even have their own wines.
Happy Anniversary!!

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