Hi, my fiance and i are going to Chicago for a few days for spring break we're spending most of the
money we have on the car ride and the lodging. I was wondering if anyone could give me some insight
on the nooks and crannies of Chicago- I know the zoo is free but I wanted to know if there were any
other places that were free to visit or if there were some nice places outdoors for picnics or hiking or
some things only a resident would know. thanks

Before I go any further I'd like to suggest, depending on when exactly you're coming to Chicago, to get
in touch with Chicago Greeter.  It's a FREE program that has residents give visitors a tour of Chicago
thst lasts from 2-4 hours.  You're  provided with free transit passes.  The address is:
www.chicagogreeter.com  Generally you need to do this 2 weeks before you arrive so they can pair you
up with someone who will show you what you're interested in. If you're unable to do a Greeter Visit, if
you go to the Cultural Center at Michigan Avenue and Randolph you can get tourist information, bus
passes and any other information you might want.

You said you're coming during spring break and if that's anytime soon, it'll be too cold to do any
picnics.   The zoo is a wonderful place.  They have a brand new ape house and an African Safari.   And
you can walk through our new Millennium Park which is across from the Cultural Center.  

Navy Pier is a fun place to visit.  The have a free stained glass museum at the east end of the Pier.  Our
museums are wonderful.  The Shedd Aquarium is my favorite.   Depending on what day you're here,
most museums have a free day.  You can most likely get that information from a web site.  

If you go up to the lounge on the 96th floor of the John Hancock building you can get fabulous views of
the city.  If you do that make sure you check out the Women's bathroom.  It's really special.

And if you make it to the Hancock building, walk north 2 blocks (remember the lake is east) across Oak
Street and under Lake Shore Drive and you'll be at one of our beaches.  You can walk north or south
along the lake.

Hope this is helpful.  Enjoy your visit to Chicago.

I am coming to Chicago for the weekend, do you have any suggestions for some good Italian restaurants
in the area?

We have dozens of great Italian restaurants.  If you're in the Loop (downtown) area there's Trottoria
10 or the Italian Village.  In the Michigan Avenue area there's Rosebud on Rush, Volare or if you want a
very special (but expensive) dinner, there's Spiaga

Hi, I'm coming to Chicago for only a couple of nights. Can you give me some suggestions on things to
do? I like shopping so anything with shopping, restaurants, parks, city views etc.
Also, can you tell me  the best area for hotels? I would like to be near the main shopping area.
Thank You Very Much

If you enjoy shopping, then the 'River North, Magnificent Mile' is what you're looking for. That is
the area around Michigan Avenue.
There are many hotels in that area (can be a bit pricey though), with many just a few blocks from
Michigan Avenue. For city views try the Hancock Tower (which is on Michigan) or the Sears
Tower which is further south in the 'Loop'.
Personally, I like the Hancock better as that gives you the better view of the Lakeshore.  They also
have a nice Bar/Restaurant overlooking Chcago.
Another nice thing to do is visit the Navy Pier.  At the Navy Pier, you can take a ride on a huge
Ferris Wheel for a view of Chicago's skyline.  There is also a stained glass window museum, boat
tours, an IMAX theater, restaurants/food court and more.

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