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I will be visiting Charlotte in a few weeks for a conference, can you tell
me about transportation in that area?

A very easy way to get around is by using the Charlotte Trolley.  It has three
different routes/lines that run throughout the city.  The fare is only $1.00 and most
run all day. (if you choose to ride the Gold Rush/red line there is no charge, and
that line runs right along Trade Street which is a major street downtown.  You
may be lucky enough to have Michelle M. be your trolley driver.  She is one of
the drivers who drive this route, and she is very friendly and knows lots of
information about uptown and what to see and do while you are visiting.  

What is there to do in the downtown Charlotte Area?  Is there a place I
can go for a good cup of coffee and a sandwich, or maybe a place to

There is a lot to do uptown (or as you call it “downtown”).  If you stay along.
Trade Street, you will have an abundant amount to choose from.  You can even
visit the Founder’s Hall atrium in the Bank of America Building which has many
different café’s and places to eat. There are many different shops and specialized
stores in the building as well. You can find a bookstore, florists, healthy eateries
and bakery items.  It has a shoe repair, and even a dry cleaner service.  It is
popular among the locals who work in the area. Also on Friday’s, you can catch
a free lunchtime concert.

Is there parking available uptown?  

Yes, you can park at lots in the area.  The cost can vary depending on where you
choose, but outdoor lots usually charge $2.00 for the day.  You can also park at
a meter, but you cannot park at meters before 9 am and after 4pm. The meter
time limit is two hours.  If you plan on staying uptown  for the day, you can park
at one of the lots located on. Trade street, and can ride the trolley (free if you
catch the gold rush/red line) that runs during the day.  

Where can I get a great barbeque while in Charlotte. I seem to remember
something about this featured on the Food Channel but I cant remember
the name?  

You have to try Reds Barbeque (I think that’s what you’re referring to).  They
are only located in the Uptown area on Wednesdays and Fridays near the Bank
of America Building.  It is not an eat-in place, you order your food from a mobile
stand they have parked outside.  You will see the signs that direct you to their
location.  Go early though, if you want to beat the lunch rush which usually starts
around 11:30 am.  You can visit their website for more info and their schedule of
locations at  You can also call them at  (888) 744- 6889.  

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