An interesting fact about The Bronx is that it is the only borough that is attached
to the United States mainland not to mention the only borough that begins with the
word "the".  The Bronx, which has gone through a major revitalization in recent
years includes some attractions you might want to make part of you trip to New

Bronx Zoo
Considered by New Yorkers, the greatest zoo in the world, the Bronx Zoo is
open 365 days a year and contains over 4000 animals and award winning
exhibits. During the holiday season, there are over 140 illuminated animal
sculptures, live reindeer, and other seasonal exhibits. A fun and educational
experience for the entire family.  The zoo is located on the Bronx River Parkway
and Fordham Rd.

New York Botanical Garden
The New York Botanical Garden is a natural historic landmark.  Located in the
North Bronx, you'll feel far away from the hectic pace of New York City.  This
beautiful botanical garden offers 250 acres of amazing scenery.  A person can use
the visit to the Garden to either learn about the world of plants or simply take in
undulating hills, dramaticrock outcroppings, cascading waterfalls, and 50 acres of
historic uncut forest.  Perfect for those who want to go to the country without
ever leaving the city.  The New York Botanical Garden is located at 200th st and
Southern Blvd.

Bronx Tour Trolley
This free trolley will take you on a tour past the above mentioned destinations
with an additional stop at Arthur Avenue, which many native New Yorkers
consider the true Little Italy.  Take this tour to get a real flavor of what the Bronx
is about.

Yankee Stadium  
No talk of the Bronx would be complete without mentioning that the Bronx is also
the home of the New York Yankees - America's most overpaid baseball team.
Yankee Stadium, not located in one of the better areas of the Bronx gives stadium
tours when games are not being played.  If you feel that you must see this
stadium, make it a quick visit and then hurry over to Shea Stadium where the real
working class fans root on their hometown heros.  (Editor's note: Author is a
Mets fan!)