I am flying into Ft Lauderdale and heading to Boca Raton. Is FLL the closest airport? If so, what is
the cheapest way to get to Boca from FLL?

Boca is halfway between the Ft lauderdale airport and the West Palm Beach airport. (around 25
miles away from each).  I'm more familiar with the Ft. Lauderdale airport.
Taxi/Car Service would probably cost around $35 to Boca. There are also shared ride services at
the airport for less money that might go to Boca. You need to inquire at the airport about this.
The cheapest way (but it is also the most inconvenient and I don't suggest this if you have more than
a carryon) is to take a Broward County Bus
from the airport to the  Tri-Rail train station and take that north to Boca. They will help you with
this at the airport. (NOTE: Will probably take you at least a couple of hours this way).  Hope this
helps......Enjoy your trip!
Is there a bus system in Boca that runs east-west to and from the beaches via SW 18th Street, or
Camino Real, Palmetto Park Rd., etc.?

The 92 bus runs down Palmetto Park road to the beach.  For more route information you can call
Palm Tran (which is the name for the Palm Beach county transit system).  Their phone number is
1-877-930-4287.  You can also pick up a Bus map at any Boca Raton Library.  Hope this helps.
I would like to take a train to Miami from Boca.  Where is the main train station in Boca?

Tri-rail connects West Palm Beach with Miami and stops in Boca at Yamato Rd near Congress
Ave. The 94 bus will take you to this station.
Is there a daily bus pass I can purchase.  If so, how much does it cost and where can I buy it?

You can purchase a daily bus pass for 3 dollars.  It is valid for unlimited rides all day in all directions
of travel. It can be purchased on the bus or at the West Palm Beach Palm Tran office or by mail.
Are there Taxis or Limos that go from Palm Beach Airport to my Hotel in Boca Raton (Raddison

Taxi and limousine service is available at the transportation desk at each end of the terminal
building, Level One. Shuttles are provided by many local hotels. Contact a hotel directly at the
Hotel Transportation Automated Reservation Center, terminal Level One, or through a public pay
I am vacationing in Boca Raton next month and debating whether to fly into Ft Lauderdale or West
Palm Beach.  The deciding factor will be the Rent a Car.  Is one city cheaper than the other?

Both cities are pretty comparable as far as rice of a car rental.  Different car rental companies,
however, can be running different deals at different times of the year.  I know some people that ave
rented a car for little more than 100 dollars for an entire week. Your best bet is to keep checking
back with different car rental companies in both cities for the best price.  Good Luck.

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