Can you suggest any reasonbaly priced hotels (doesn't have to be close to the beach) that is near a nice
shopping area.  Also any activities for kids nearby.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.

You might want to look into the Holiday Inn on Glades Rd (near the Turnpike).  It is only 2 miles away from
the Town Center mall - a very nice shopping area.  Wilt Chamberlains which is a real fun Sports Bar/
Restaurant is just down the road.  They have a nice gameroom and a real basketball court your kids may
want to check out.  Hope this helps.
I am flying into Ft Lauderdale and heading to Boca Raton. Is FLL the closest airport? If so, what is the
cheapest way to get to Boca from FLL?

Boca is halfway between the Ft lauderdale airport and the West Palm Beach airport. (around 25 miles away
from each).  I'm more familiar with the Ft. Lauderdale airport.
Taxi/Car Service would probably cost around $35 to Boca. There are also shared ride services at the airport
for less money that might go to Boca. You need to inquire at the airport about this.
The cheapest way (but it is also the most inconvenient and I don't suggest this if you have more than a
carryon) is to take a Broward County Bus
from the airport to the  Tri-Rail train station and take that north to Boca. They will help you with this at the
airport. (NOTE: Will probably take you at least a couple of hours this way).  Hope this helps......Enjoy your
What type of area is Boca Raton to live in as I am a retiree who is looking to relocate to South Florida in a
year or two?

For the most part Boca Raton is an upscale town, known in part for its beautifully maintained secure
retirement communities. You can find many of these communities around Glades Rd, Palmetto Pk rd,
and Hwy 441.  There are also many upscale condos located near the beach.  Your best bet would probably to
locate a realtor and have him or her show you around the different communities.  It really is
a pretty place to live.
What is the closest college university to Boca Raton?

Florida Atlantic University (FAU) is located in Boca on Glades Rd., just east of Interstate 95.
Can you tell me where the Boca Raton arts festival is held?

The annual arts festival usually held in February is on the grounds of Mizner Park at the Boca Raton museum
of art (501 Plaza Real is the exact address)
Mizner Park is located on Fed Hwy just north of Palmetto Park road.
This arts festival artists from around the world and offers a diverse array of fine arts and crafts.
Where is the Robert Milhous museum of collectibles located?

The Milhous Museum is located at 791 Park of Commerce Drive, between Yamato and Clint Moore roads,
just west of I-95.
Is there a bus system in Boca that runs east-west to and from the beaches via SW 18th Street, or Camino
Real, Palmetto Park Rd., etc.?

The 92 bus runs down Palmetto Park road to the beach.  For more route information you can call Palm Tran
(which is the name for the Palm Beach county transit system).  Their phone number is 1-877-930-4287.  
You can also pick up a Bus map at any Boca Raton Library.  Hope this helps.
Hi--I am looking for someplace to go for spring break and I was wondering if Boca Raton attracts a young
crowd? Thanks.

Boca Raton is not really known as a place for Spring Break.  You might want to try Ft. Lauderdale's Beach
Place or Miami's South Beach.  Both of these are places that attract young lively crowds. Good Luck.
I would like to know what are the best newspaper or other resource to find an affordable studio/efficiencie
for rent in Boca Raton

The paper that is popular in the Boca Raton area is the Palm Beach Post, you can go to their website at
palmbeachpost.com/realestate, and they have an area where you can search for rentals in the area.  Also,
another resource you can use is what is usually refered to the "apartment book/guide".  They can be picked
up at any local supermarket, along with other apartment books/guides.  Their website is forrent.com. Their
website allows you to chose what city and type of apartment you are looking for.

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