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What’s the hottest hotel in Atlantic City? Is there a Hard Rock?

There is no Hard Rock in Atlantic City. yet, but we have the coolest hotel in the Borgata. It’s
not on the Boardwalk – it’s in the area called the Marina, which is only about 3 miles away.
The Borgata is a tall building sheathed in gold-colored, reflective siding so it seems to glow in
the daytime. Unlike most hotels, it does not have a “theme”, it’s just new and hip. It books
rock acts and appeals to an international crowd.

On the Boardwalk, I think the best hotel is the Tropicana. It has built a new section called
“The Quarter” that re-creates the Havana of the 1950s. The Quarter is full of shops, bars,
and restaurants around an open center with a painted sky that is lit throughout the day in
different intensities to mimic how sunlight changes like you were outside. I like it because you
don’t feel like you’re inside – it convinces you you’re really experiencing a natural day. Cuba
Libre, which I’ve learned is a chain bar, is the stylistic anchor of the Quarter. It has the BEST
spicy salsa served with fried plantain chips. I also like Red Square, a bar/restaurant designed
as an homage to Soviet-era Eastern Europe Communism (weird concept, but it works). The
Palm is one of the best steak houses I’ve ever eaten at.

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