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Where is the best action located in Atalntic City?

All the big hotels in Atlantic City are along the Boardwalk which makes it very convenient.
Running south to north for about 2 miles, you’ll find The Hilton, The Tropicana, Trump Plaza,
Caesar’s, Bally’s, The Sands, Resorts, The Taj Mahal, and the Showboat. They all have
formal entrances on the street-side off Pacific Ave, but the all also have entrances on the
Boardwalk side, too, so you can combine a stroll in the sunshine with peeks into each hotel. I
like to start at one end and take my time, than take a pedicab back to where I started.
Pedicabs are two-seaters with a canvas shade that are pushed by healthy young men and
women. The charge is per block plus a tip, just like a regular cab.

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