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Note: Questions of general interest (along with responses) will
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I currently live in California and am very interested in moving to
Asheville. What can you tell me about job opportunities, best types of
cars to drives, nicest neighborhoods, and best places to meet new

If you go to, you will find a newcomer's guide that
will be help you find nice neighborhoods and places to meet new friends
based on your interests. will help you with
your job search.  Also the Asheville Citizen Times local newspaper  is a
good resource.  All in all, Asheville is a friendly community with many
nice places to live.  As far as a car is concerned, although these
mountains are not as ruggged as the Rockies, I would suggest a car or
SUV with fairly decent power.

My husband and I are planning on spending a week in
Asheville for our vacation.  We don't know the area
well, and were looking for a hotel that has easy
access to the blue ridge parkway.  We plan on spending
most of our time sightseeing on the blue ridge

A good choice would be the Courtyard Asheville.
Located at 1 Buckstone Pl.  Asheville, NC.28805.  This
hotel is located close by one of the many parkway
entrance ramps.  It is located near restaurants and
shops.  This hotel has nice modern rooms that are very
comfortable and clean.  It also has an indoor pool
that can be used all year round, even in those cold
winter days.  The staff at the hotel is very friendly
and can help you and your husband plan your day trips
on the blue ridge parkway.  
What can you tell me about the Biltmore Estate?  What
is there to do there?

The Biltmore Estate is located within the blue ridge
mountains.  It has an Inn, restaurants, a winery, a
farm and shopping.  The Biltmore Estate was built by
George W. Vanderbilt in the early 1900's and has 250
rooms.  Visitors can take a tour of the very large
Estate and see how it was furnished and maintained by
Vanderbilt's standards.  Visitors can also take guided
horsback rides, can go biking, hiking, river rafting
and can also take carriage rides.    
The Biltmore Estate is located on US hwy 25, north of
exit 50 or 50B off I-40 in Asheville, NC.
Telephone:  (800) 543-2961 or  (828) 225-1333
Are there any shopping malls in Asheville?  

Yes, there is a very nice mall called the Asheville
Mall.  It's a nice size mall that has plenty of shops
and a nice food court.  The mall acutally is carpeted
which gives it a cozy feel which is actually very
comfortable for you feet after all the shopping you'll
hopefully do. The mall is located at: Interstate 240
just north of Interstate 40 at the South Tunnel Road
Where do you suggest we stop and visit on the Blue
Ridge Parkway?  

A great place to stop and Visit is Mount Mitchell
State Park located in the Black Mountains.  Mount
Mitchell is located within the park and  is known as
the highest point east of the Mississippi River. (the
park and the mountain have the same name).  When you
arrive at Mount Mitchell, you can park your car close
to the mountain where a short walking trail takes you
to the top of the mountain.  Once to the top of the
mountain, there is an observation deck.  There is no
charge for visiting Mount Mitchell or the observation
deck, so it makes it a great place to stop for anyone.
When you are finished observing on top of the
Mountain, there is a small gift shop you can visit to
get a souvenir or a snack. For more information you
can call Mount Mitchell State Park at: (704) 675-4611
I am considering driving the Blue Ridge Parkway this summer from
Asheville to Boone.  How long should this ride take and where would be
some good mountain stops along the way?

You should allow a good 3 hours for this trip.  There are many
breathtaking overlooks along the way but if you're looking for mountains,
I would suggest Mount Mitchell which is around 30 miles from Asheville
and then as you get closer to Boone, I would suggest Grandfather
Mountain which features the mile-high swinging bridge - a must see!  
Fyi:  Grandfather Mountain is a privately owned mountain and there is a

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