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What are some other fun things to do in Anaheim besides Disneyland?

Try going south down Harbor Blvd., the main street next to Disneyland, and go to
Newport Beach (harbor with lots of yachts boats, and restaurants), Balboa Island (tourist
shops, beach area, dining, kids fun zone), Fashion Island Shopping Mall, and the great
tropical, pacific rim dishes of Tommy Bahama's next door to the Fashion Island in
Newport Beach. Many fine restaurants are in this area. Check out the website: type in Newport Beach to find the many restaurants.

Where is Knott's Berry Farm located and is it worth visiting?

Knott's Berry Farm is just 4 miles northwest of Disneyland and is basically a high tech
amusement park with an Old West theme. You should go there if you like the thrill of roller
coaster rides or if you are into a more tame experience, you can see gold panning
demonstrations and staged gun fights.  Hope this helps.

What are the main attractions to see at Disneyland?

Disneyland is divided into seven themes areas including the space-aged Tomorrowland,
Fantasyland, and the jungle-themed Adventureland.  The most popular thrill rides include
the Indiana Jones Adventure, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Space Mountain.
In 200, a smaller park called Disney's California Adventure opened next to the original.  
It's theme is California's cultural and natural sights.  You can find a virtual hang-gliding ride
here called Soarin' over California

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