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Q. I'm thinking of relocating to Amelia Island, what is life like in that area? Will I have to
take up golf?, I hear that's big down there?

A. Golfing is a big attraction here, and Amelia Island has many lovely
resorts. And because it's an island, there's a finite amount of
territory, unlike Jacksonville which just keeps spreading out. You can use
Amelia Island for year-round retirement or for seasonal beach rentals.
The northern end of the island has Fernandina Beach. The downtown is a
lovely, old town that's a part of the National Register of Historic
Places, and has wonderful shops and restaurants. Modest beach rentals can
be had on the ocean side of Fernandina Beach and to the south. The
higher-end condos and private clubs are on the southern end of the island
in the area called Amelia Island Plantation.

Jacksonville and its suburbs have many new housing developments, many
that center on a golf course. My parents just bought a new house in one
of those, and they don't golf, but it also has a nice clubhouse with a
pool. All the houses have three or four bedrooms, so it's not one of
those seniors-only kind of places.

Q: I'm looking for real estate investment opportunities, housing I
can rent out. Do you recommend in Amelia Island?

A: I'm not a real estate professional, but if I had money to invest,
I'd go for Amelia Island. Nassau County, where Amelia Island is, had
a 30% growth rate between 1990 and 2000. Between 2000 and 2003, it was
the 25th fastest growing county in Florida. In 2000, there were about
58,000 people here; by 2015, the county expects 81,000 to live here.
Jacksonville is the county seat of Duval County. The city covers 757.7
square miles, making it the largest city in the continental US based on
land area. There were 735,600 people living here in 2000. Between 2000
and 2003, Duval County ranked 40 in the fastest growing counties in

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